Hello guys! It's my second day on Pare. Let's say Yay!

guest house yang kami tempati, semacam asrama tapi cuma buat 10 orang gitu

Finally I can take short course in Pare with my friends: Ica, Ira, Gina, and Ulan for two weeks. Because what? My holiday is almost over. Hell-yeah.

Okay, I'll tell you about my programs here, there are speak up2, tic talk, and prounounce 1/2

My Speak up 2 class is started on 7 am. Too morning to be true but I shud took it and face it. In speak up 2 class, I presented about Dian Pelangi, because my sista (tutor) gave us challenge :

If we got a chance to reborn in second time, what I will be? 

Then, I choose her, because I love Fashion, I want be a Fashion Designer and Young entrepreneur like her.

Before class over, i also have a presentation in front of the class, we called it "Stand Up show". It happened suddenly because I have no preparation before, so I just tell my friend in class about Nina Ardianti and Ika Natassa. Both of them are my favorite author. Even though they were so busy, but they still  can dividing their time for writing their novel.

The moral reason of my speech is, "If we have a passion and then we fight for it and never gives up, we will make it comes true, sooner or later."

Unfortunately I got a bad morning today, my bycycle's tire was flat. Poor me.
mine, the yellow one.

So, wait for our story guys, cause everyday is a new day and new challenge. Wo-hoo, Bye!:)

Kediri, January 28th 2014

with love,

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