Count the days..hei UTS

Haiiii how's life guysss?
You know what? Uts get closer, it will start on monday. Oh-my-get.

Guess what? I think that mid term on this semester is too fast. Do u feel the same?
Ya intinya gitu sih. Tapi harus tetep semangat.

Keepcalm, study hard & pray much. Pray for UTS. Bismillah O:-)

Okeey minggu ini menunya daskom-kewirus-perilkon.
Kalo di semester kemaren usaha masih 75% sekarang harus 100%

Limited time, much to do

Pretty optimistic. Kalo usaha pasti bisa. Semangaaaaattttt!!!\m/
Kalibata, 20 oktober 2012
Miss cutie :--)


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