have you ever felt like me? when someone who you think your best is stick behind you. and metamorphosed become a backstabber. what will you do? leave her or him? or tell em that they do a big mistake?

when i met this situation, firstly i don't know what should i do. but, from this time i know that my believed to him or her has dissapeared. fly away on the sky like a dust. carried by soft-smoothly wind till we can't cacth by our 'heart's eye' hehe pardon i don't what should i say for it. i mean mata hati.

if u ask me. do you feel diappointed? YES. for sure!

but i should accept it, people can change  by the time without permission.
i never regret for it. i just hv a little sadness.

for you know, i've never regret to know you. to call you as my best.
glad to ever know you:")

bogor, 4 november 2011 00:00 am

PS: sebenernya ini gangerti nulis apa, fufufu disela-sela deadline sosum yg gue sendiri bingung gimana ngerjainnya *curcol*

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